Famous painting – test your General Knowledge   19 comments

This famous painting contains the most famous personalities. How many can you list? Add your discovery to the comments list.


Larger image link:


Update 1:

Dear Friends,

Many of you have asked me the origin of the painting. Well frankly speaking, I dunno. I found this painting somewhere on the net and just copied it. No idea about the painter.

What caught my eye was that it has lots of famous personalities. I could recognise quite a few of them and was looking for the identities of the others. So I put it here for the readers to identify them. Many have tried, but not all have been identified.

If any of you have the time, please download the large image and mark a number for each person on the paiting and them me that image. We can then ask our readers to identify them by numbers.


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19 responses to “Famous painting – test your General Knowledge

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  1. Any chance you have a larger image?

  2. Thanks for the link.Took a quick look…

    Saddam showing his hand,
    Einstein twiddling his fingers,
    Gandhi looking holy,
    George Bush staring at Arafat,
    Arafat and the Godfather with the same babe,
    Bin Laden on his way to Egypt,
    and Charlie Chaplin bored to death.
    Yes, I saw Hitler in there too.


  3. Pele the dark soccer player, Mike Tyson, Mother Teresa, Bill Clinton with cash in hand, Bruce Lee, Marlon Brando as the Godfather, Elvis, Stalin, Sherly Temple, Churchill, FDR, Lincoln, Salvidor Delhi w/o the mustache? Prince Charles, is that Chevy chase by Napoleon?

  4. Charlie Chaplin
    Albert Einstein
    Queen Elizabeth
    Adolf Hitler
    Leonardo da Vinci
    Elvis Presley
    Bill Clinton
    Margaret Thatcher
    Bruce Lee
    Winston Churchill
    Abe Lincoln
    Jassar Arafat
    Che Guevara
    Prince Charles
    Michael Jordan
    William Shakespear
    Marlon Brando
    Stephen Spielberg
    Mike Tyson
    Marilon Monroe
    Osama Bin Laden
    Sadam Hussein
    Mother Theresa
    Josef Stalin
    Clint Eastwood?

  5. Lord Nelson on horse
    Che Guivara beside Castro
    Castro beside Marlin Brando who is beside Yasser Arafat
    Julius Caesar beside Arafat
    Marilyn Monroe in front of them (I think)
    Bruce Lee in full pose
    Maggie Thatcher in front of him and De Gaule to the left of her
    Lenin posing
    Mother Teresa and Gorbachev behind her waving up
    Gengis Khan on horseback (or is it Kubla Khan?)
    Mussolini just below and behind Hitler
    Saddam H beside Il Duce
    Ferdinand Marcos seated at the same table
    Mozart on the piano (or possibly young Beethoven )
    Left of Lenin, Aristotle and Bill Gates
    in front of Bill is Pele
    Bill Clinton
    Elsvis and to the left of his guitar I think its Oppenheimer (smoking) with Shakespeare to his right
    King Solomon seated on the throne
    Queen Elizabeth at the round table
    Stalin at the same table talking to Plato
    Lincoln here too, staring at Chairman Mao
    Bottom left is Charlie Chaplan. I think its Howard Hughs sitting with him.
    sitting in front of table is Mike Tyson and Putin
    Harry Houdini with the cards?
    Shirly Temple
    Einstein to the right of her, seated
    Moses with the sheep?
    Ghandi and behind him, Michaelangelo (I think)
    Dahli with paints and Picaso with canvas
    Michael Jordan seated
    Yao Ming at the top
    below Geoge Bush is Pavarotti
    Hemingway saluting to the left of Lincoln (or boozing to the left of Elvis)
    at the right, pressed up against the wall is Kaiser Wilhelm
    Playing the flute is the past head of the UN Kofi something

    Thats it for me…

  6. Background:
    Easter Island Heads
    Is that the Pinta, Nina, or Santa Maria?
    Stone Hinge
    Great Pyramids of Egypt
    Lost tribe of Salomon
    Forbidden city

    next to Ghandi is that the cloned sheep?
    Dead Sea Scrolls
    Atom Bomb on TV

    Why is Caesar, Arafat, “the godfather”, Che Guivara, Napoleon, and Khan next to each other?
    Who’s head is that comming from under the table next to Sherly Temple?

  7. Hi,

    Does anyone know the source of this painting.
    I would love to know who all the people are… we are having a debate and would love some answers….
    Some help is appreciated…

  8. Adding to the list of famous people not yet mentioned:

    Marco Polo
    Wright Brothers
    Karl Marx
    Toulouse Lautrec (on the bar stool with beard and hat)
    Soharto (Indonesian Dictator)

    Will look at the painting some more when its not that late!

  9. why has Nelson Mndela not been added to this painting?

  10. Audrey Hepburn by the piano. Picasp on the right with his painting.

  11. Would like to know origin of painting.

  12. Who painted the painting and what is it titled. No one seems to know and yet the claim is that is famous. Going by the people represented it has not been in existence that long. I love it and keep coming back to it and finding more people that I recognize. Like many others I want to know its provenance.

    Russell Jordan
  13. Огромное СПАСИБО! Этот блог – супер!!!

  14. Pablo Picasso is in the red shirt to the left of Abraham Lincoln. Henri Matisse is to the right of Winston Churchill and Bruce Lee. Leonardo da Vinci is below William Shakespeare, sitting at the round table. Salvador Dali is standing, in the trench coat, in front of Luciano Pavarotti. Marcel Duchamp is holding the canvas. To his left is Vincent Van Gogh and to his left is Auguste Rodin. In front of Van Gogh is Marcel Duchamp. And to their right, Michelanelo Buonarroti is behind the lamp post, holding his chisel. From left to right, Zhang An, Li Tiezi, and Dai Dudu stand in the top right with Dante Alighieri.

  15. Saddam,
    bil laden,
    Mother Teresa
    Bill Clinton
    Bruce Lee
    Queen Elizabeth
    Lord Nelson
    Julius Caesar
    William Shakespear
    Gengis Khan

  16. is that farhad badalbeyli top right?

  17. sorry i meant top left……

  18. Mao ze dong (Chairman Mao in China from 1949 to 1976)

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