Cairo clubs ban veiled women   3 comments

News item

“In what is being seen as a backlash against the hijab,nightclubs in Cairo are refusing to allow hijab-wearing women in.

In trendy clubs and cafes across Cairo the hijab is increasingly being shunned as unacceptable dress.Several bars and restaurants where alcohol is served now essentially ban veiled women from entering.The policy is more open in some places than others but seems to apply to at least half a dozen Cairo venues.”

This raises certain questions:

  1. Is Egypt an Islamic nation or no?
  2. Is there a common Arab culture?
  3. Are all Arabs Islamic?
  4. Can a nation have only Islamic people & none others?
  5. Is multi-faith worship acceptable among Arab nations?
  6. What exactly is the dress code for women, as prescribed and accepted by Islam?
  7. Is the world looking towards Islam in a biased way, due to the fact that their dress code makes them Islamic & look separate from the others?

Well these are just common questions that come to the mind to anybody from outside the Arab / Islamic community.

Afterall one should respect all faiths.

3 responses to “Cairo clubs ban veiled women

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  1. so? its for their own good, they chose the islamic path of hijab they should also abide by the other laws of not sitting in a place that serves alcohol

  2. lol.. I am sorry… that truly made me laugh! Now why would a ‘hijab- wearing woman’want to be in a bar or night club that serves alcohol in the first place? when a women wears the hijab, she is in fact an ambassador to the religion, and thus being in such a ”scene’.. wrong… it should be banned.

    Btw.. just found ur blog 2day.. and enjoying reading through it!

  3. well replying on both replies above;
    it’s her choice to go, and should be her choice NOT to go! if a veiled woman would like to enter a club, that’s located in an ISLAMIC country, then she shouldn’t be banned based on how she dresses! that’s a mere discrimination.. so close to the discrimination between blacks and whites during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.
    and for the argument that Muslims shouldn’t be present where alcohol is served.. well, alcohol was forbid by all religions! so this argument is invalid.
    and for the owners to say, :”i don’t want to be the reason of their sins” i would like to inform that owner, that you’re indeed the reason of all of their sins! – i know that alcohol is available everywhere, and people can just buy it, but whoever serves alcohol is as sinful as who’s drinking it.

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