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Rightly said Mr Aiyer. There is no food shortages in terms of prodcution. It is the unfair distribution, that is causing all the worries. A fair assessment of the requirements of the non-agricultural regions and a sense of empathy towards them, is what the intellectuals need to think about. The UN needs to have a strong and well dispersed distribution body to reach out to the under nourished.

Morever the food habits of the well-off class of people should be moderated. Not only is the excess consumption of food a cause of many of the urban ailments like diabetes, hypertension, etc., also these deprived the needy with thier daily dose for survival.

Back in recent past, we had a campaign called the earth hour to highlight the energy scenario. I would like to start a similar campaign called “Skip a meal and feed the under nourished” by just skipping a weekly dinner. Not only this helps the body to have rest from the excess metabolic activity needed to digest these extra food, but also help towards creating an empathy towards the hungry. Let us, the well-off class, understand and experience what hunger feels like. The virtues of a weekly fast was well emphasized by our Mahatma.

I call for the world (those who can and care for the hungry) to skip the Wednesday dinner to the cause of the World Hunger. I know it is difficult to stay hungry, even for just a meal. But atleast, we can start off make a small commitment and a small contribution to the cause.

References http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/Let_others_starve_self-righteously/articleshow/3049990.cms Mr Aiyer’s TOI article of Sunday, 18th May 2008


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