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Smoking in Kuwait is rampant amongst all age groups, teenagers and above.

Any mall, public place is a haven for the smokers. Even a fool knows that smoking is dangerous to his health and also the health of others. But either the smokers are “dumb” fools or they just don’t care for the public, forget their loved ones who are near them most of the time.

The initiative of UAE is highly commendable. It is discouraged and also banned at many places. Following is the news items:

Smokers in the UAE face stiff new penalties including prison and fines of up to AED1m under new federal anti-smoking laws, it was reported on Wednesday.

The draft law includes a ban on the sale of cigarettes to those under 18 and smoking in a private car while a child aged below 12 is on board. The law also bans smoking in closed public places, on public transport, in shopping malls, schools, universities, hospitals, care homes, sports associations and social and cultural clubs.  However, special rooms can be set aside for smokers in other public places. Anyone caught repeatedly offending will be fined doubled, the FNC said. The law brings the UAE inline with the World Health Organisation Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, which the country is signed up to. The convention also requires the UAE to adhere to international standards on tobacco control measures, such as reducing exposure to second-hand cigarette smoke, measures to restrict advertising and sponsorship, increase tobacco prices and taxation and cut down smuggling. Minister of Health Humaid Mohammad Obaid Al Qutami, said the law not only aimed at protecting the health of society, but also aimed to reduce the country’s financial burden from treating patients suffering from smoking-related diseases.


Snow in UAE?   2 comments

Will you believe it? Yes. It did snow in the UAE (wonder of the 8th kind?).


A blanket of snow covered the Jees Mountain in the emirate of Ras al-Khaimah, UAE. Residents were amazed at the phenomenon, a rarity for the desert country where summer temperatures reach 50°C.

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