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You – the next Superhero   Leave a comment

Do you wanna please somebody? How do you do it? Gifts?

How about making him / her the next SUPERHERO and sending him / her on a ego trip?

Well, now you can make the person a superhero. Just visit this site and paste his photo here (adjust / pan / zoom so that the face is seen clearly). After you have applied the photo here, a film starts wherein the photo that you put in appears as a superhero throughout the film. After the film ends, you will find a link, which you can email, tweet or Facebook to that person and make him / her the SUPERHERO.

So, go ahead and make his / her day.

A superb form of flattery and an excellent idea for a romantic time. Imagine putting your spouse’s photo in here and sending him / her the link with he / she as the next SUPERHERO.

So grab a photo of that someone who matters (even a little) in your life and make him HAPPY.

(PS – Do let me know, who and how many did you make HAPPY by putting their photos.)

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