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Say SORRY; add years to your wife’s life   1 comment

According to press article,

Scientists have claimed that when a man refuses to apologize to a woman for something wrong he has done, he could put her at risk of a heart attack.

A study has found that women who are starved of an apology for rude or hurtful behaviour suffer an increase in blood pressure, which can raise the risk of a heart attack or stroke.

The research also showed that those who hear a well timed sorry calm down more quickly, with their blood pressure returning to normal 20% faster. On the other hand, a mans blood pressure takes 20% longer to recover after an apology suggesting men become more worked up after hearing an admission of guilt.

Results of tests indicate that there are potentially healthy benefits to forgiveness and apology.

So guys, go ahead and say “Sorry” (of course, alongwith “I love you”), if you wanna enjoy your married bliss life longer.

Big Brother winner – Shilpa Shetty marries   Leave a comment

Shilpa Shetty, yet another Bollywood babe, married with London-based businessman Raj Kundra in a lavish ceremony in Khandala.

What is strange is Shilpa is 34 and Raj is 33 and also Raj is a divorcee with a kid. Well, after all some wise man said, “Love is blind”.

Shilpa shot to international fame with her stint in UK reality show ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ for the racism row between her and Jade Goody. They did patch up after that. Were Jade alive today, she would have been the best friend from the bride’s side, probably.

The bride wore a burgundy and red saree, embellished with Swarovsky crystals, designed by Tarun Tahiliani while 33-year-old Kundra, who arrived at the wedding venue in a horse-drawn chariot, was dressed in a maroon and gold sherwani designed by Shantanu and Nikhil.

The marriage combined the rituals of the Mangalorean bride and the Punjabi groom with the vows being exchanged according to South Indian tradition while pre-wedding rituals like ‘Mehendi’ and ‘Sangeet’ conducted as per Punjabi tradition.

Wish the couple a Happy Married Life.

Misyar – a marraige of convenience for Arab Muslims   2 comments

The conservative Saudis are increasingly availing of misyar, a no-strings marriage of convenience focused primarily on sexual relations.
Misyar allows couples to live separately , but maintain sexual relations . The women who accept it are spinsters , divorcees and widowsare deprived of almost all the rights that a normal marriage would entitle them to, but offers men an opportunity for a bit of fun on the side, in secret, and at a huge discount.
Misyars rising popularity also owes to the high cost of marriage in Saudi Arabia, as dowry, dinners, parties , decorating a flat and the honeymoon , set the groom back several hundred thousand riyals. Misyar for cash-strapped men is a boon.
A Saudi claimed that he entered several misyar marriages after his first normal marriage fell apart. He said none lasted for more than six months. He confided that he had hoped to find a compatible partner for a permanent relationship but it didnt work out. He also said the marriages had not been as cost effective as he had hoped, as misyar wives are crafty and inclined to extract money and gifts.
Thanks to Bluetooth technology, friendly websites and an abundance of furnished apartments in major cities like Riyadh and Jeddah, there are tales of Misyar wives who have clandestinely entered into more than one misyar contract.
These enlightened ladies say misyar husbands never tell their fulltime wives about their relationships so why cant Misyar wives have similar arrangements it stated.
Internet advertisements for misyar marriages often reveal the desperation of those looking for partners , with some only demanding a woman with the ability to satisfy the needs of a man who desires things permitted by religion.
Misyar is popular in the kingdom because in a society where extramarital and premarital sex is a cardinal sin it legitimises sexual relations outside the framework of conventional marriage.

Is it not another way of prostitution? The society, be it conservative or modern, always finds a way out to have sexual pleasure with multiple partners.

There are different views and perceptions to it, but the underlying purpose is to have sexual pleasure with fun and with the least of bonds.