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Cola wars – Manufacturers v/s Health Officials   Leave a comment

An interesting  lab test about the effects of cola on your body.

Once you gulp down a bottle, see how the body makes insulin to counter the effects of the extra sugar intake.

The arguments by the Beverage Association stand little ground as a defense, considering alarming spread of obesity.

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Princess Haya urges more sport to boost youth health   Leave a comment

ROYAL VIEW: Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein. (Getty Images)

Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein has urged Middle Eastern governments to take more action to tackle the region’s unhealthy youth by pushing the importance of sport.

“We’ve seen throughout the region now incredible statistics that are going frighteningly on an upward curve every day of diabetes, of heart disease among our youth,” she told Dubai One TV’s ‘Dubai Tonight’ programme.

“The lifestyle that we should be promoting is now becoming as urgent as some of the things we prioritised before. Really sport is now a necessity. It’s a necessity to tackle non-communicable diseases, it’s a necessity to ensure the safety and security of our youth and their future.

“For that simple reason alone, it’s at the government level, through ministries of education, through ministries of health, that this now has to be accepted as a top of the agenda.”

Last week, her husband, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the UAE’s Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, said the spread of diabetes among children in the country’s was “unacceptable”.

During an interview given to coincide with Dubai’s hosting of the SportAccord convention, he said the important role sport played in the future health of the nation was “one way to address those problems”.

“About 40 percent of our children have diabetes. That is unacceptable. Sports is one way to address those problems,” he said.

Now compare this with the comments of the Kuwaiti parliamentarians and mess that the Kuwait Olympic Committee is in; which all goes to say how sports (and especially among women) is treated in Kuwait, given the fact that over 60% of the population is considered as “OBESE” according to world standards.

Being physical is key to good health – Brazil HM   Leave a comment

The Brazilian Health Minister, Jose Gomes Temporao,  has reiterated the omni-vocal fact that regular physical exercise is the key to ward of chronic illness.

What a welcome idea is that he has stressed particularly of sexual intercourse as a primary means of getting the regular does of physical activity. Good that he clarified that sex has to be with due protection.

This is what the news item read:

“People need to be active. A weekend football game must not be the only physical activity for a Brazilian. Adults need to do exercise: walk, dance and have safe sex,” said Jose Gomes Temporao.

It was while launching a campaign to prevent high blood pressure, that the minister gave the advice, reports The Telegraph.

Temporao then defended his promotion of sexual intercourse to journalists, according to the G1 news website.

“It’s not a joke. It’s serious. Having regular physical exercises also means sex, always with protection of course,” he said.

“Dancing, having sex, keeping weight under control, changing dietary habits, doing physical exercise” all help keep blood pressure down, he said.

Negative Calorie Foods   Leave a comment

Napoleon Bonaparte, who was given to moderation in eating and drinking, had once said, “However little one may eat, one always overeats.”

With revised obesity norms for Indians leaving a large number of them on the wrong side of the fitness divide, ‘negative calorie foods’ (NCFs) are an option worth exploring.

Negative calorie food sounds like an oxymoron, but the concept has been in vogue for some time now. An NCF is that which gives less energy than spent by the body in chewing, digesting and absorbing it. So, when one consumes it, there is a net loss of calories in the body — other things remaining same, that is. Its importance as a diet is, therefore, obvious. Heading the list of NCFs is celery. Other items are asparagus, beet, broccoli, green cabbage, carrot, cucumber, papaya, orange, apple, strawberries etc. Many other vegetables and fruits are also included in this category.

However, expert opinion is divided whether any food can actually be called a negative calorie food. Those who rubbish the concept say that however less energy a food might give, it is yet more than that is spent in ingesting and digesting it. Thus everything that can be called food must result in some positive calorie intake, they say. That sounds axiomatic but there is enough research to suggest that some food items, when consumed, actually have negative calorie effect.

It happens in two ways. First, research has proved that some foods, celery for example, are so complex that in breaking them the body has to spend more energy than it gets from their consumption. And second, fruits and vegetables that are rich in minerals and vitamins make the human body produce enzymes in greater quantities than that are necessary to digest these. The surplus of the enzymes helps in breaking down other food in digestion. Thus, there are good reasons to rely on the NCFs.

Though they themselves do not constitute balanced diet — they lack in proteins — increasing their proportion in food can be a good idea. What about those people who wish to take absolutely no chances with calories and yet cannot suppress the urge to eat? Well, they needn’t despair. There is at least one wonder food whose negative calorie value for humans is decidedly negative. It is the cellulose. So, the advice for such people is: chew the newspaper.

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Smoking in Kuwait is rampant amongst all age groups, teenagers and above.

Any mall, public place is a haven for the smokers. Even a fool knows that smoking is dangerous to his health and also the health of others. But either the smokers are “dumb” fools or they just don’t care for the public, forget their loved ones who are near them most of the time.

The initiative of UAE is highly commendable. It is discouraged and also banned at many places. Following is the news items:

Smokers in the UAE face stiff new penalties including prison and fines of up to AED1m under new federal anti-smoking laws, it was reported on Wednesday.

The draft law includes a ban on the sale of cigarettes to those under 18 and smoking in a private car while a child aged below 12 is on board. The law also bans smoking in closed public places, on public transport, in shopping malls, schools, universities, hospitals, care homes, sports associations and social and cultural clubs.  However, special rooms can be set aside for smokers in other public places. Anyone caught repeatedly offending will be fined doubled, the FNC said. The law brings the UAE inline with the World Health Organisation Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, which the country is signed up to. The convention also requires the UAE to adhere to international standards on tobacco control measures, such as reducing exposure to second-hand cigarette smoke, measures to restrict advertising and sponsorship, increase tobacco prices and taxation and cut down smuggling. Minister of Health Humaid Mohammad Obaid Al Qutami, said the law not only aimed at protecting the health of society, but also aimed to reduce the country’s financial burden from treating patients suffering from smoking-related diseases.

NeuroActive Bike promises to train your brain as you work out   Leave a comment

Fitness centers are entering the next lap of their evolution with the NeuroActive Bike, a new breed of exerciser that simultaneously trains the body and the brain.


The physician-owned BCA, which pioneers brain-fitness programs designed to improve memory, concentration, multitasking and a complete range of mental abilities, developed the NeuroActive Bike to enable users to combine cardio workouts with brain workouts on what is, literally, a “brain gym.” It comprises a technologically advanced recumbent stationary bike coupled with a specially adapted interactive brain-training program displayed on an all-in-one PC screen.

Users of the NeuroActive Bike may select from 22 brain-stimulating exercises that train different parts of the brain, including: memory of names and faces, 3D visuo-spatial skills, concentration, word naming and arithmetic. As they pedal, they manipulate a wireless mouse to interact with the computer and complete the NeuroActive Program, the only brain-fitness program that uses an advanced artificial intelligence and a series of word problems and visual exercises to train the entire brain and sharpen 16 cognitive functions – more than any other brain program on the market.

Unlike simple brain games, NeuroActive is developed by doctors and based on scientific research that proves that brain-training exercises increase cognitive function by 20%, improve processing speed and memory and sharpen the brain so that it performs as well as it did at its peak.

So folks, now there is enough incentive for the workouts. Go HIT it.

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