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Antilla, The Most Expensive House in the World from India   Leave a comment

Have You ever wondered how luxurious the most expensive house can be? You should read this one. Antilla is the new house of Mukesh Ambani. This house break the record for most expensive house in the world. This is the first home in the world that exceeds $ 1 billion. This house is 570 feets high, the price of this house is around $ 2 billion. This house is built in the middle of downtown Mumbai, India that sadly in the middle of the area that full of poverty.
Ambani is a global conglomerate and the richest man in India, new emerging economies country. He explains that his new home will have more floor space than the palace of Louis XIV at Versailles.
Each of Ambani’s family will have their own personal health club. They will also have six levels garage for 168 cars. Most of the tower built from glass. This ultra modern house featured the panic room, cinema and employ around 600 servants and staff. Each level also have a lush garden.
The Building of Mukesh Ambani house

the lobby of Mukesh Ambani House

the ballroom of Mukesh Ambani house

the bathroom of Mukesh Ambani house

traditional lounge of Mukesh Ambani house

modern lounge of Mukesh Ambani house

Can You imagine that this house just for 1 family? Husband, Wife and 3 Children? I can’t imagine how life in the most expensive house in the world. This house will be stayed for a while as most expensive house in the world since the gap of price from the second place of the most expensive house is quite large.
Congratulations for Mukesh Ambani for your new most expensive house in the world.

Forbes’ Celebrity 100 Power List – 2010   Leave a comment

Forbes’ Celebrity 100 Power List (with earnings):
1 Oprah Winfrey – $315 million
Oprah - back on top of the Forbes list

2 Beyonce Knowles – $87 million
3 James Cameron – $210 million
4 Lady Gaga – $62 million
5 Tiger Woods – $105 million
6 Britney Spears – $64 million
7 U2 – $130 million dollars
8 Sandra Bullock – $56 million
9 Johnny Depp – $75 million
10 Madonna – $58 million

The many uses of iPad   1 comment

This video explains it all.

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Mallika Sherawat rocks Cannes   1 comment

Not  many of the those who walk the red carpet carry themselves with so much grace and finesse that Mallika Sherawat did at the Cannes.

She no doubt a bold lady, for she takes responsibility for all her actions and does it with grace.

The gold colored bold and contemporary dress, she wore at the red carpet at Cannes, made her look like a diva (literately, if you take the Hindi translation). Check out these photos.

T20 failure @ the cost of IPL   Leave a comment

Indian T20 team fared miserably at the WorldCup T20.

Probable reasons floating around:

  • The team was too tired due to IPL matches.
  • The team members made enough money in IPL; so WCT20 does not matter much.
  • The IPL parties were too much tiring.
  • Match-fixing ? (not ruled out)
  • Strategies were known, as they were shared during the IPL matches between players of different countries.

Well, whatever the reasons, the fact remains that the IPL took its toll on the WorldCup T20. Had the had some time to rest, probably they would have fared better.

IPL made everybody a millionaire. But what is the cost of failure of the Indian T20 team? Low rankings (does that matter, if your pockets are full); afterall the Indian public cheers the players, all the time they are on the field.

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Kuwaiti girls win Gulf’s Microsoft Imagine Cup   1 comment

The all girls team from the American University of Kuwait won the Gulf’ Microsoft Imagine Cup, beating nearly 2,000 entries from the Middle East.

The competition asks participants across the world to come up with ideas on how technology can be best used in relation to set themes. The 2010 theme asked students to ‘imagine a world where technology helps solve the toughest problems’ and Mariam Al Al-Najdi, Abrari Amin and Aisha Al-Ruwaished from Kuwait came up the idea of TWTD.

The young girls, all in their twenties, won the Gulf Microsoft Imagine Cup with their ‘TWTD‘ entry – a multi-touch tutoring system for the disabled that was developed using Visual Studio 2008 Professional and MS SQL.

A prototype of TWTD was tested in Kuwaiti schools where students without hands were unable to use the computer, becoming completely dependent on their teachers to do tasks on the computer. The team demonstrated how, using special markers that could be tracked using the educational software and a webcam, the same students were able to use a computer independently for the first time and take part in interactive English, mathematics and science lessons based on the Ministry of Education’s curricula.

During their presentation, the team also reassured the judging panel that TWTD could be used to browse the Internet and complete regular computer-related activities using the software and a virtual keyboard. One of the other key factors that made TWTD stand out was its relatively low cost and ease of use in comparison to expensive software and hardware that currently exists for the physically challenged.

Kudos to the 3 young girls for making Kuwait proud.

I think this should serve as a fitting reply (or to say it in a phrase – slap-in-the-face) to those parliamentarians and fundamentalists who advocate that the role of women in the Arab World should me limited to their homes.

The media can play a more active role towards the empowerment of the women folks by telling the world of their talents, capabilities and achievements, which will not only make them proud, but also change the perception of the male bastion towards the potential of women folks be giving their due freedom and space.

Cheers again to Mariam Al Al-Najdi, Abrari Amin and Aisha Al-Ruwaished.

World War 3 – Iran v/s Rest of the World   Leave a comment

It looks like the World War 3 – Iran v/s Rest of the World has started at the UN conference.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad entered into a war of words, calling the other nation’s nuclear capability as the principal threat to international stability.

Ahmadinejad fired the first salvo at a special UN conference on the global nuclear non-proliferation regime Monday, accusing the US of leading a skewed international system that seeks to deny peaceful nuclear power to developing nations while allowing allies such as Israel to stockpile atomic arms.

Demanding that the world’s nuclear-weapons states agree to a clear timetable for the disbandment of their arsenals, Ahmadinejad said: “The possession of nuclear bombs isn’t a source of pride; it is disgusting and rather shameful.”

“And even more shameful is the threat to use or to use such weapons, which isn’t even comparable to any crime committed throughout the history.”

Sadly rather than confronting him with a suitable reply, the leaders walked out.


What he said is a fact, that he made explicit to the UN & the world. US may be a superpower and maybe the other nations lookup to it for something. But the fact remains that the US has the largest stockpile of Nuclear War heads and is strategically supporting Israel (who has some nuclear warheads and is the main bone of contention in the Middle East peace process).

It is a great opportunity for brokering world peace, given the initiative taken by Ahmadinejad to come to the UN Nuke meet and clarify Iran’s stand on nuclear power vis-a-vis the world.

Rather than grabbing the opportunity to break the ice and arrive at a consensus on nuclear weapons and energy, it is very much shameful, that the world leader, walked out on him, rather than putting their defense.

It this opportunity is lost, the nuclear issue across the world will be pushed back into troubled waters, with Iran carrying back bitter memories of the UN meet.

Is it that the leaders are bribed by Arms Lobby into derailing the UN Nuke meet, so that their business does not suffer?

Well what ever the reasons, I think President Obama should attend the meet and shake hands with Ahmednijad & understand Iran’s stand negotiate peace. Afterall, he has always said that “Dialogues are better ice-breakers, rather than swords”.

The world is going to blame the world leaders for walking out rather than coming to a table to arrive at a consensus which can foster world peace.

Lord, GOD, Allah – give the world leaders sense to make the world a peaceful playground, as YOU had intended.