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Just imagine how long did this placard did hang at the branch:

No need for any explanation on the error. It will be too embarrassing.

Had someone did some proof reading, this catastrophe would have been avoided.

Just imagine a banking branch scene.

There are lady customers in your branch and there is a glitch in your systems that delays the process and the customers have to wait. So you put a temporary notice saying “ There might be some delay in serving you, due to a computer fault. So please bare with us.”

Imagine the embarrassment amongst the ladies. Of course you meant that the customers understand the situation and bear up with you.

Now the ‘bare’ on your notice means that you are asking your lady customers to get undressed with you.

That ‘bare’ has been put out of ignorance of the English language, but the customers may not like your ignorance and take things otherwise.

So if don’t proof read, or have your matter proof read by a professional, the embarrassment could be disastrous.

So look no further and get your matter proof read before it goes out to the public. Services available at reasonable rates for all advertising agencies in Kuwait.

Many times the  ad agencies do not have qualified staff to proof read English content.

So after you have finalised the content for the customer, if you are not sure, you can avail of our excellent English proof reading services @ reasonable rates in Kuwait.

Or if you have received the draft from the agency and are not sure of it, do avail of our excellent English proof reading services @ reasonable rates in Kuwait.

Let us help you out professionally.

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