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13 things about Super Mario   1 comment

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FIFA live telecast on PC   Leave a comment

For all those who are at office and cannot enjoy the live telecast of FIFA World Cup matches, do not worry.

Here is the link to watch the live telecast on your laptop / PC.

Be sure to have a decent internet speed to watch the action live.


Select the match and select any of the multiple links which takes you to the telecast from multiple channels, such as ESPN, FOX, etc.

So ENJOY !!!

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Love Exercises   3 comments

What is the level of intimacy you share with your partner? Have you tried something different to do, together?

Well then it time you try out this Love Exercises. Do take care to spend enough time for this, preferably on a weekend or a vacation.

Art by Rikuko

Art by Hirokazu

1. Two as One. Embracing each other gently, begin to sense your partner’s breathing and gradually try to synchronize your breathing with his or hers. After a few minutes, you might feel that the two of you have merged.

Inhibitions. Countless millions of relationships have probably started with a glass of wine. Inhibitions block feelings of vulnerability, so lowering inhibitions can indeed help people bond. Getting drunk, however, is blinding and debilitating. Instead of alcohol, try the Two as One exercise above.

2. Soul Gazing. Standing or sitting about two feet away from each other, look deeply into each other’s eyes, trying to look into the very core of your beings. Do this for about two minutes and then talk about what you saw.

Art by Jayun

3. Monkey Love. Standing or sitting fairly near each other, start moving your hands, arms and legs any way you like—but in a fashion that perfectly imitates your partner. This is fun but also challenging. You will both feel as if you are moving voluntarily, but your actions are also linked to those of your partner.

Similarity. Opposites sometimes attract, but research by behavioral economist Dan Ariely of Duke University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and others shows that people usually tend to pair off with those who are similar to themselves—in intelligence, background and level of attractiveness. Some research even suggests that merely imitating someone can increase closeness. See the Monkey Love exercise above.

4. Falling in Love. This is a trust exercise, one of many that increase mutual feelings of vulnerability. From a standing position, simply let yourself fall backward into the arms of your partner. Then trade places. Repeat several times and then talk about your feelings. Strangers who do this exercise sometimes feel connected to each other for years.

Arousal. Studies by researchers such as psychologist Arthur Aron of Stony Brook University show that people tend to bond emotionally when aroused, say, through exercise, adventures or exposure to dangerous situations. Roller coaster, anyone? See the Falling in Love exercise above.

5. Secret Swap. Write down a deep secret and have your partner do the same. Then trade papers and talk about what you read. You can continue this process until you have run out of secrets. Better yet, save some of your secrets for another day

Self-disclosure. Research by Aron, Sprecher and others indicates that people tend to bond when they share secrets with each other. Once again, the key here is allowing oneself to be vulnerable. See the Secret Swap exercise above.

Art by Fujisawa Machi

6. Mind-Reading Game. Write down a thought that you want to convey to your partner. Then spend a few minutes wordlessly trying to broadcast that thought to him or her, as he or she tries to guess what it is. If he or she cannot guess, reveal what you were thinking. Then switch roles.

Art by Nariyuki

7. Let Me Inside. Stand about four feet away from each other and focus on each other. Every 10 seconds or so move a bit closer until, after several shifts, you are well inside each other’s personal space (the boundary is about 18 inches). Get as close as you can without touching. (This exercise often ends with kissing.)

Proximity and familiarity. Studies by Stanford University social psychologists Leon Festinger and Robert Zajonc and others conclude that simply being around someone tends to produce positive feelings. When two people consciously and deliberately allow each other to invade their personal space, feelings of intimacy can grow quickly. See the Let Me Inside exercise above.

Art by Tetsukuzu Tetsuko

8. Love Aura. Place the palm of your hand as close as possible to your partner’s palm without actually touching. Do this for several minutes, during which you will feel not only heat but also, sometimes, eerie kinds of sparks.

Original here – Thanks, Kitsune

Things You Learn from Video Games   Leave a comment

1. There is no problem that cannot be overcome by violence.

2. You can overcome most adversaries simply by having enough quarters.

3. If it moves, KILL IT!

4. Piloting any vehicle is simple and requires no training.

5. One lone “good guy” can defeat an indeterminate number of “bad guys.”
A. “Bad guys” move in predictable patterns.
B. Except for “bosses,” most “bad guys” can be dispatched with one hit.
C. You often fare better against a large mob of “bad guys” then against a “boss” in one on one combat.

6. “Bosses” always hire henchmen weaker then they are to do their ‘muscle work’.

7. If you see food lying on the ground, eat it.

8. You can smash things and get away with it.
A. Smashing things doesn’t hurt.
B. Many nice things are hidden inside other things.

9. Cybernetics are our friends.

10. When driving, you can knock other vehicles off the road and get away with it.

11. If someone dies, they disappear.

12. Money is frequently found lying on the streets.

13. All shopkeepers carry high-tech weaponry.

14. If you get mad enough, you can fight even better than normal.

15. If it’s on the ground, you should get it.

16. Repulsive, ugly, cannabalistic, evil beings have just as much right to be loved as heroic fighters.

17. The operation of a weapon is a simple and obvious procedure.

18. You never run out of ammunition, just grenades.

19. No matter how long you fight, you can always fight again.

20. Death is reversible (but only for you!)

21. Ninjas are common, and fight in public frequently.

22. Whenever huge fat evil men are about to die, they begin flashing red or yellow.

23. When you are born, you drop out of the sky (a stork?) and are completely invincible for a short time.

24. Although the enemy always has more aircraft than you, they fly in elaborate patterns which make it easier for you to shoot them all down.

25. All martial arts women wear revealing clothes and have great bodies.

26. All martial arts men have rippling muscles and angry expressions.

27. The enemy always leaves weapons or power-ups lying around for no reason other than so their bitter enemy can pick them up and defeat them with it.

28. Shoot everything. If it blows up or dies, it was evil. If it doesn’t, try and pick it up— it was probably a power-up or bonus.

29. Carpe diem! You only live three times!

30. The most powerful fighters always wait until you have achieved a near-impossible, flawless win record and/or killed a certain number of opponents before they appear in your presence and beat the crap out of you.

31. You sustain injury if you shoot innocents.

32. A hundred-to-one odds against you is NOT a problem.

33. Gang members frequently all look the same, and often have the same names.

34. When racing vehicles, do not worry if your vehicle crashes and explodes. A new vehicle will appear in its place.


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Google honors PacMan   Leave a comment

At the 30th birthday of PacMan, Google honored it by changing its logo.

PacMan sort of started the gaming culture addition. This is one of the first ones that may people addictive. Even today, people enjoy it for its simplicity and to test their dexterity. It is game which is sort of immortal and enjoyed by people of all ages, from 3 to 100+.

The game was developed primarily by a young Namco employee Tōru Iwatani, over a year, beginning in April 1979, employing a nine-man team.

Did you know the names of the Four monsters roam the maze, trying to catch Pac-Man – they are Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde

Pac-Man technically has no ending—as long as the player keeps at least one life, he or she should be able to continue playing indefinitely.

the first person to achieve the maximum possible score (3,333,360 points) was Billy Mitchell of Hollywood, Florida, who performed the feat in about six hours.

The character’s shape was inspired by a pizza missing a slice.

The Killer List of Videogames lists Pac-Man as the #1 video game on its “Top 10 Most Popular Video games” list.

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T20 failure @ the cost of IPL   Leave a comment

Indian T20 team fared miserably at the WorldCup T20.

Probable reasons floating around:

  • The team was too tired due to IPL matches.
  • The team members made enough money in IPL; so WCT20 does not matter much.
  • The IPL parties were too much tiring.
  • Match-fixing ? (not ruled out)
  • Strategies were known, as they were shared during the IPL matches between players of different countries.

Well, whatever the reasons, the fact remains that the IPL took its toll on the WorldCup T20. Had the had some time to rest, probably they would have fared better.

IPL made everybody a millionaire. But what is the cost of failure of the Indian T20 team? Low rankings (does that matter, if your pockets are full); afterall the Indian public cheers the players, all the time they are on the field.

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Princess Haya urges more sport to boost youth health   Leave a comment

ROYAL VIEW: Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein. (Getty Images)

Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein has urged Middle Eastern governments to take more action to tackle the region’s unhealthy youth by pushing the importance of sport.

“We’ve seen throughout the region now incredible statistics that are going frighteningly on an upward curve every day of diabetes, of heart disease among our youth,” she told Dubai One TV’s ‘Dubai Tonight’ programme.

“The lifestyle that we should be promoting is now becoming as urgent as some of the things we prioritised before. Really sport is now a necessity. It’s a necessity to tackle non-communicable diseases, it’s a necessity to ensure the safety and security of our youth and their future.

“For that simple reason alone, it’s at the government level, through ministries of education, through ministries of health, that this now has to be accepted as a top of the agenda.”

Last week, her husband, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the UAE’s Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, said the spread of diabetes among children in the country’s was “unacceptable”.

During an interview given to coincide with Dubai’s hosting of the SportAccord convention, he said the important role sport played in the future health of the nation was “one way to address those problems”.

“About 40 percent of our children have diabetes. That is unacceptable. Sports is one way to address those problems,” he said.

Now compare this with the comments of the Kuwaiti parliamentarians and mess that the Kuwait Olympic Committee is in; which all goes to say how sports (and especially among women) is treated in Kuwait, given the fact that over 60% of the population is considered as “OBESE” according to world standards.