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The killing of Osama – Live in action   Leave a comment

For all those of you who missed the action oon TV.

15 million mile man   Leave a comment

After travelling 15 million miles and taking 718 Concorde flights to 139 countries, a Brit tourist has become the world’s most travelled man.

Wealthy Fred Finn holds the official record for the most miles travelled by a passenger after visiting an incredible 70 per cent of the world’s 196 nations.

Fred has spent 52 years travelling the globe, during which he has covered 15 million miles ” the equivalent of travelling to the moon and back 31 times.

He has kept a detailed log of every flight and train journey he has taken, which he had counter-signed by each driver and pilot to verify his achievement.

Fred said, “I have no desire to visit any new counties now. I’ve been to more places than I could ever dream of and don’t really want to visit the remaining ones.” Fred has estimated he has flown across the Atlantic over 2,000 times.

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Breathtaking real stunts   1 comment

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Speeding ticket !!!   1 comment

Ahmed, a rich guy, loved fast cars and he did have a few in his
possession. He loved to speed and could not be bothered about breaking
speed limits. Many a times he was caught by the cops and speed radars,
fined, but still he never bothered until. One day as he was driving at
a very high speed as usual, he saw a cop following him. The cop
overtook him finally and asked him to stop and checked his license. He
then took out his pad and started writing, and then handed over the
sheet of paper to Ahmed. How much was this one going to cost?!!! Wait
a minute. What was this???? Some kind of joke? Certainly not a ticket.

Ahmed began to read:

“Dear Ahmed,

Once upon a time I had a lovely daughter. She was six when killed by a car.You
guessed it – a speeding driver’s car. A fine and three months in jail,
and the man was free. Free to hug his three daughters. I only had one,
and I’m going to have to wait until Heaven, before I can ever hug her again.

A thousand times I’ve tried to forgive that man. A thousand times
I thought I had. Maybe I did, but I need to do it again. Even now. Pray
for me.. And be careful, Ahmed, my son is all I have left.”

Ahmed turned around in time to see the cop’s car pull away and head
down the road. He watched until it disappeared. A full 15 minutes
later, he too, pulled away and drove slowly home, praying for
forgiveness and hugging a surprised wife and kids when he arrived. Life
is precious. Handle it with care.

So drive safe. Definitely speed thrill, but remember, IT ALSO KILLS.

Archery at its perfection   Leave a comment

What is a good or perfect archer? Was Robin Hood a great one?

Well this video gives you the prefect example of a perfect archer. Watch the arrow go thru that hollow steel tube of another slightly thicker arrow. A shot that made the day for that archer and all he did was give a ‘perfect’ little smile. ENJOY !!!

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FIFA live telecast on PC   Leave a comment

For all those who are at office and cannot enjoy the live telecast of FIFA World Cup matches, do not worry.

Here is the link to watch the live telecast on your laptop / PC.

Be sure to have a decent internet speed to watch the action live.


Select the match and select any of the multiple links which takes you to the telecast from multiple channels, such as ESPN, FOX, etc.

So ENJOY !!!

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Things You Learn from Video Games   Leave a comment

1. There is no problem that cannot be overcome by violence.

2. You can overcome most adversaries simply by having enough quarters.

3. If it moves, KILL IT!

4. Piloting any vehicle is simple and requires no training.

5. One lone “good guy” can defeat an indeterminate number of “bad guys.”
A. “Bad guys” move in predictable patterns.
B. Except for “bosses,” most “bad guys” can be dispatched with one hit.
C. You often fare better against a large mob of “bad guys” then against a “boss” in one on one combat.

6. “Bosses” always hire henchmen weaker then they are to do their ‘muscle work’.

7. If you see food lying on the ground, eat it.

8. You can smash things and get away with it.
A. Smashing things doesn’t hurt.
B. Many nice things are hidden inside other things.

9. Cybernetics are our friends.

10. When driving, you can knock other vehicles off the road and get away with it.

11. If someone dies, they disappear.

12. Money is frequently found lying on the streets.

13. All shopkeepers carry high-tech weaponry.

14. If you get mad enough, you can fight even better than normal.

15. If it’s on the ground, you should get it.

16. Repulsive, ugly, cannabalistic, evil beings have just as much right to be loved as heroic fighters.

17. The operation of a weapon is a simple and obvious procedure.

18. You never run out of ammunition, just grenades.

19. No matter how long you fight, you can always fight again.

20. Death is reversible (but only for you!)

21. Ninjas are common, and fight in public frequently.

22. Whenever huge fat evil men are about to die, they begin flashing red or yellow.

23. When you are born, you drop out of the sky (a stork?) and are completely invincible for a short time.

24. Although the enemy always has more aircraft than you, they fly in elaborate patterns which make it easier for you to shoot them all down.

25. All martial arts women wear revealing clothes and have great bodies.

26. All martial arts men have rippling muscles and angry expressions.

27. The enemy always leaves weapons or power-ups lying around for no reason other than so their bitter enemy can pick them up and defeat them with it.

28. Shoot everything. If it blows up or dies, it was evil. If it doesn’t, try and pick it up— it was probably a power-up or bonus.

29. Carpe diem! You only live three times!

30. The most powerful fighters always wait until you have achieved a near-impossible, flawless win record and/or killed a certain number of opponents before they appear in your presence and beat the crap out of you.

31. You sustain injury if you shoot innocents.

32. A hundred-to-one odds against you is NOT a problem.

33. Gang members frequently all look the same, and often have the same names.

34. When racing vehicles, do not worry if your vehicle crashes and explodes. A new vehicle will appear in its place.


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