I pledge not to waste food this Ramadan   Leave a comment

I pledge not to waste food this Ramadan. Will you join me is this pledge?

Ramadan is the period when people fast during the day. Naturally, when they break their fast at iftar and during dinner, people tend tend to hog on. First by cooking more than necessasry and then by taking onto their plates (more than what the stomach can take). This ends up as waste, which does down the sewage.

This holy month is a time to show courtesy to our brethen, wherein people donate money to those needy. By limiting our food consumotion, we are doing a greater charity.

The famine that has affected Africa, is well known. People there are starving to death. Those images on the TV are pitifully moving.

So this Ramadan, join me (by putting “I PLEDGE NOT TO WASTE FOOD” in the comments). This is the least that we can do to help those starving.

Since, charity begins from home; lets start from our house.


Fellow bloggers can put this link on their blog, to support this cause.


Posted July 31, 2011 by Rajesh_Gandhi in action, festival, food, hunger

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