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Image courtesy: Reuters

Take a look at your shoe collection – some might beg for the dust to be shaken off, the faithful and over worn need repair, while others look like bridal shoes from a decade ago and demands to be booted away- right away! Finally, make some space for your new shoe babies that will keep you well heeled in 2010.

Image via: Osborne

1. Patterned Shoes

If your New Year resolution is to feel grateful and happy whenever the blues creep in, then here’s something that’ll bring on the smiles and become conversation starters too. Patterned shoes like Indian mojris or these eye-popping-heart-melting beauties add a lot of fun to any outfit. Get your feet into them and that’s all you’ll need for company!

Image courtesy: Reuters

2. Military and Hunting Boots

Grr…the winter is cold and dreary and you are on a combat mode to fight the chills.  Bring out the big guns with military and hunting boots. You can’t escape the military trend – trench coats with military badges, military jackets, military green and khaki hues. So it’s time to clear the clutter in your shoe wardrobe because the army is going to check on you!

3. Kitten Heels and Ankle Straps

Remember the vertiginous, sadomasochist, multi-strapped heels that were fixation for celebs and models early last year? Well, you can be grateful that they are on their way out as classic and kitten heels have made their way in. If you are in hunt for the perfect pair of kitten heels check out Prada collection for fall winter 2010/11. Ankle strapped heels will keep it sexy in spring-summer 2011. Totally crushing on Louis Vuitton’s collection.

Image courtesy: Reuters

4. Fringes and Scrumptious Jewels

Grecian straps are so last (or last to last) year so keep them away from the fashion police. Instead embrace fringed sandals and scrumptious jewels as shoe embellishments. You can never go wrong with metallic hints and depending how you wear it you can look either glamorous or edgy. Loafers are here to replace the cute ballerina. Believe it.

Image via: Thrift and Thread

5. Repair and Revamp

This is a real treat for those shoes that can do with a little stitch-in-time. In this case, make it a disguise because we have to share this amazing DIY that’ll leave your shoes feeling new. All you need are a few old CDs cut into small geometric shapes and a pair of old shoes. Now stick the pieces on your shoe and voila! You’ll feel like you are walking on sunshine!

So which one are you planning to have?

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