80 Gigapixel London photo   2 comments

Actual megaphoto here – http://www.360cities.net/london-photo-en.html

This is an 80-gigapixel panoramic photo, made from 7886 individual images. This panorama was shot from the top of the Centre Point building in central London, in the summer of 2010. We hope that the varied sights and energy of London have been captured here in a way never done before, so that you can experience one of the world’s great cities – wherever you may be right now.

To control this image, use the controls on the screen or click and hold your mouse button on the photo, and move your mouse around. To zoom in and out, use your mouse wheel, or the “Shift” and “Control” keys. Be sure to zoom in all the way to see the full detail of the photo!

Your City is Next!

If you would like us to create a large gigapixel panorama like you see here, please contact 360 Cities.

<p><a title=”London @ 80 Gigapixels” href=”http://www.360cities.net/london-photo-en.html”>http://www.360cities.net/london-photo-en.html </a></p>

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2 responses to “80 Gigapixel London photo

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  1. its too huge photo
    its amazing
    London looks great
    in this photo we can see the London eye

  2. Check out this page of beautiful panoramic photos. Also has tutorials, discussions, tips and much more on panoramic photography. http://tiny.cc/ck6vm

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