Multi-faith prayer halls in Kuwait   Leave a comment

The constitution of Kuwait gives all residents the right to practice their own religion.

Why then there are so many mosques, a few churches and absolutely no other religious architecture?

Then why is the Bohri community in Kuwait, who are devout Muslims, are fighting for a mosque dedicated to their sect of faith.

As for temples, gurudwaras, synagogues, there are absolutely no such identities that freely allowed to exist.

I then ask, why are the law keepers & enforcers not acting by the words of the law makers (or is it that I have the wrong info)? Or is it also the case of are double standards (as in Wasta, Human Rights, & other issues)? There’s a popular Hindi proverb “Haathi ke daant, khane ke aur, aur dikhane ke aur” (which means that the Elephant has two sets of teeth; one for showing off and other for eating).

Given the fact that there are more expats in Kuwait than locals, it is natural that the expat community is a mix of different faiths. So why are there not any place of worship for them, considering the fact that the constitution give them the rights.

Leave aside temples, gurudwaras, synagogues. There are not even multi-faith prayer halls, where the faith believers can be with their GODS.

Well, even if there is only ONE GOD (who goes by different names of Allah, Jesus, and others), believers are more comfortable with someone who they have known for all this times.

Every individual is born free of any religion or faith. It is the upkeepers of that child that impose on them the faith that they have to follow.

So give everyone a place to worship where they are comfortable with their OWN GOD.


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