Pable Pacasso reborn as a whale?   Leave a comment

A Beluga whale is making a big splash as an artist after picking up a paintbrush at an oceanarium in China.Keepers at the Qingdao Polar Ocean World said Xiao Qiang started out when he simply grabbed a paint brush left behind by a visitor and started playing with it.
Now the seven-year-old stars paintings are changing hands for hundreds of pounds.
He showed a lot of interest in painting right from the start so now,all we have to do is give him the brushes and hold the paper while he paints with his mouth, said trainer Zhang Yong,adding, His favourite colour seems to be blue and hes best of all at seascapes.His people always look like seals.
Experts say that dolphin-like Belugas have more soft tissue around their mouths than other whales which allows Xiao Qiang to manipulate a brush.

A Pable Picasso re-incarnation?


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