Would you kill the Big Guy?   Leave a comment

Thats the topic of the BBC debate soon to be on air.

“Here comes a train and it’s out of control

Blasting its whistle and belching out coal

Up ahead there are five people tied to the track

It’s going too fast and there’s no turning back

With a flick of a switch and the train will divert

To a line where the five people will not get hurt

But there’s one person already tied to that line

Do you flick the switch or do you decline?

Now you are standing upon a split bridge

As another train heads towards certain carnage

Five people tied up but you have a plan

Beside you is standing a very large man

If you push the man onto the track down below

His massive bulk will cause the engine to slow

You’ll save five lives but the but the last man will die

So the question is: Would you kill the big guy?”

Now if are ever in such a situation, what would be your reaction? How would you morally justify your reaction?


Posted May 11, 2010 by Rajesh_Gandhi in action, philosophy, poll

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