Kuwaiti girls win Gulf’s Microsoft Imagine Cup   1 comment

The all girls team from the American University of Kuwait won the Gulf’ Microsoft Imagine Cup, beating nearly 2,000 entries from the Middle East.

The competition asks participants across the world to come up with ideas on how technology can be best used in relation to set themes. The 2010 theme asked students to ‘imagine a world where technology helps solve the toughest problems’ and Mariam Al Al-Najdi, Abrari Amin and Aisha Al-Ruwaished from Kuwait came up the idea of TWTD.

The young girls, all in their twenties, won the Gulf Microsoft Imagine Cup with their ‘TWTD‘ entry – a multi-touch tutoring system for the disabled that was developed using Visual Studio 2008 Professional and MS SQL.

A prototype of TWTD was tested in Kuwaiti schools where students without hands were unable to use the computer, becoming completely dependent on their teachers to do tasks on the computer. The team demonstrated how, using special markers that could be tracked using the educational software and a webcam, the same students were able to use a computer independently for the first time and take part in interactive English, mathematics and science lessons based on the Ministry of Education’s curricula.

During their presentation, the team also reassured the judging panel that TWTD could be used to browse the Internet and complete regular computer-related activities using the software and a virtual keyboard. One of the other key factors that made TWTD stand out was its relatively low cost and ease of use in comparison to expensive software and hardware that currently exists for the physically challenged.

Kudos to the 3 young girls for making Kuwait proud.

I think this should serve as a fitting reply (or to say it in a phrase – slap-in-the-face) to those parliamentarians and fundamentalists who advocate that the role of women in the Arab World should me limited to their homes.

The media can play a more active role towards the empowerment of the women folks by telling the world of their talents, capabilities and achievements, which will not only make them proud, but also change the perception of the male bastion towards the potential of women folks be giving their due freedom and space.

Cheers again to Mariam Al Al-Najdi, Abrari Amin and Aisha Al-Ruwaished.


One response to “Kuwaiti girls win Gulf’s Microsoft Imagine Cup

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  1. congratulations 🙂 *claps*

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