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1. In prison, they spend the majority of their time in an 8’x10′ cell. At work, I spend most of my time in a 6’x8′ cubicle.

2. In prison, they get three free meals a day. At work, I only get a break for one meal and I have to pay for it.

3. In prison, you get time off for good behavior. At work, I am rewarded for good behavior with more work.

4. At work, I must wear a badge at all times. In prison, they provide you with clothing with the ID conveniently sewn into the clothes.

5. At work there is a dress standard but I must buy my own clothes. In prison there is a dress standard, but they supply the clothes for you.

6. At work I must carry around a security card and unlock and open all the doors myself. In prison, a guard locks and unlocks all the doors for you.

7. In prison, they can watch TV and play games. At work, I can be fired for watching TV and playing games.

8. In prison, you have full medical coverage with no deductibles. At work, you get partial coverage and pay all the deductibles yourself.

9. In prison, all expenses are paid by the taxpayer, with no work on their part. At work, you get to pay all the expenses to go to work, and then deduct the taxes from your salary to pay for the prisoners.

Where would you like to be?


Posted May 3, 2010 by Rajesh_Gandhi in faux pas, freedom, game, happiness, humor, humour, india, lifestyle, philosophy

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