Say SORRY; add years to your wife’s life   1 comment

According to press article,

Scientists have claimed that when a man refuses to apologize to a woman for something wrong he has done, he could put her at risk of a heart attack.

A study has found that women who are starved of an apology for rude or hurtful behaviour suffer an increase in blood pressure, which can raise the risk of a heart attack or stroke.

The research also showed that those who hear a well timed sorry calm down more quickly, with their blood pressure returning to normal 20% faster. On the other hand, a mans blood pressure takes 20% longer to recover after an apology suggesting men become more worked up after hearing an admission of guilt.

Results of tests indicate that there are potentially healthy benefits to forgiveness and apology.

So guys, go ahead and say “Sorry” (of course, alongwith “I love you”), if you wanna enjoy your married bliss life longer.

One response to “Say SORRY; add years to your wife’s life

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  1. and if u want to end it … well heres a very legal way to do so

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