IPL creates traitors !!!   3 comments

IPL is ‘the’ much hyped sport event and the most ‘eye-ball catching’ sport event for this season (I think, next only to the upcoming Football World Cup).

Players who were on the same side and created collective strategies to defeat the opponents, now face the same the brunt of the same strategies now being deployed from the earlier fellow players who are now their opponents. So when it comes to they playing on the Indian team, will  they be at a disadvantage having shared the strategies and the weakness of the fellow players with the foreign players of the same IPL team.

Also players having migrated to the other side, now are now defeating their own motherstate teams. What kind of loyalty does this promote? Just take the case of Ambati Rayudu, an original Hyderabadi player who was instrumental in defeating the home Hyderabadi team, Deccan Chargers. Is cricket promoting brain drain?

Somebody out to file a RTI on this front, I think.


3 responses to “IPL creates traitors !!!

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