Peacock Dance @ Kuwait Zoo   2 comments

Last week, we had a family trip to the Kuwait zoo. Not exactly, one of the best zoos, but nevertheless clean and spacious. It was a outing for my 2 yr old daughter. It was our 4th or 5th visit. And this time we remembered to take 15 packets of ‘khaboos’ to feed the animals. You see the see the joy on the face of the kids when the animals take the ‘khaboos’ from their hands. They feel as sense of excitement and also satisfaction.

The animals are well kept in open space (of course, the cleanliness is not upto the mark). The variety is also good and a nice learning experience for toddlers.

We were also fortunate to see the peacock dance in its full glory. Sometimes, it takes a lifetime to see the scene of the peacock dancing in front of their eyes.I don’t know if you can make the peacock dance at your will. That time it was a bit cloudy with the imminent rain and this made the peacocks sing and dance in its full glory.

For all those, who haven’t had a chance, here are some of the photos.


2 responses to “Peacock Dance @ Kuwait Zoo

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  1. wow!! thats just amazing!! lovely shots!!
    i have not been to the zoo for quite some time now.. maybe will plan one weekend with B … πŸ™‚

  2. wow nice catch! its been a while since I’ve been to the zoo πŸ™‚

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