Trust – 100%, 50%, 0% ?   Leave a comment

When we say that we trust somebody, isn’t it always 100% ?

I don’t there is anything called a fraction in “trust”. It is either full or none. We make that decision, either on the spur of the moment or having gone thru an experience. At some point of time, we trust a person fully, with no hesitations whatsover. And that should be a clinching factor to build a relationship.

Somebody wisely said “Always trust completely without doubt – either you will get a very good friend or a lesson for life”.

Many a times when there is friction between couples, there is there an element of doubt that creeps in and the trust factor gets eroded. Then it goes from 100% to 50% to 0%. I feel trust in what your heart believes in, and that % factor is determined by, in what circumstances have you evaluated the other person.

Trust should be like the baby who smiles when his father leaps into the air and holds his hands to catch him. He smiles for he has trust that the intention of the father is pure and that he is secure and will land in safe hands.


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