77 dead in Kuwait   1 comment

Todays newspapers had this as their headlines.

No, this figure is not a result of any natural calamity. like flood or earthquake.

It is a result of the ‘race rage’ that we see frequently on the Kuwait roads and the casualties are the for the 2 months of Jan and Feb 2010.

Well, it is reasonable to conclude that half of them we driving the in the right manner and were dead as a result of the negligence of the others who hit them.

No guesses as to what could they be doing before they hit the others. Probably talking on the mobile, trying to overtake, doing some stunts, practising for the Race, etc. Whatever it was, it was not right and were not concentrating enough on their steering wheels.

I have a feeling that Kuwait has the highest ratio of car death / accidents with respect to the population.(Please validate.)

The Ministry has made numerous attempts to educate the drivers, but I think, the message has not gone into their heads.

It should organize more events to highlight these dangers and also enforce strict & stiff penal actions against those erring drivers. The punishments should be hard & harsh enough to act as a deterrent to the future offenders.

When can we see better road sense prevail.

Maybe, better & alternate more of public transport will help reduce these numbers. We hear of the Kuwait Railway coming up soon. When can we enjoy the first trip?


One response to “77 dead in Kuwait

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  1. wrong list to be topping !

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