Kuwait National (Foam) Day   2 comments

Beware expats, the Kuwait National (Foam) Day is here, soon. And this time, its gonna last 4 long days.

For the new comers, who are not aware of how the normal Kuwaiti kids celebrate their National Day; it is by spraying foam (of all kinds) on innocent passerbys. Nobody in sight is spared. Everything is sprayed with foam, from cars to walls, poles to trees, almost everything.

Well, the more naughty or adventurous one, go beyond the normal foam and use hair removal sprays. The after effects of such hair removal sprays are “imaginable” and thats why a hijab is ‘recommended’ for the daring ones. The casualties rise with incidents of skin irritation, eye irritation, etc.

Much has been said in the newspaper columns and blogs, but I feel nothings going to change this year. In fact, with 5 days holidays, the ‘notorious’ festivities are bound to spill over throughout the whole period.

It seems none of the lawmakers or the law keepers are ever ‘victims’ of these festivities and hence the brazen display of ‘nationalism’.

Is this the right way to celebrate a national day? I can understand the enthusiasm of the youth, but it should not be at the cost of harassing others.

More fun and game events which keep the youth and children engaged in creative activities should be organized to nourish their talent, rather than spoiling others holidays.

Long Live Kuwait.


Posted February 22, 2010 by Rajesh_Gandhi in action, faux pas, festival, freedom, happiness, idea, kuwait, lifestyle

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2 responses to “Kuwait National (Foam) Day

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  1. excuse me… you forgot that those kids would yank your car door open and spray you head to toe with foam even if you object with all your might… lock your doors… hide indoors… or find another place to live nearby in those five days… i recommend Bahrain

  2. I dont even venture out of the house on 25th and 26th coz of all the bedoons and 3agads that live near our place. They like to spin their datsun cars on the road and spray foam on passersby.

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