Stupid Signs of Kuwait   5 comments

Well, there is a Facebook group by the name “Stupid Signs of Kuwait”.

It is a treasury of the gems produced by the folks in Kuwait. You will definitely go bonkers, going thru them. link

I’d like to reproduce some of the ‘gems’ .

(Ladies bank at your own risk)


Posted January 11, 2010 by Rajesh_Gandhi in design, faux pas, idea, kuwait, lifestyle

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5 responses to “Stupid Signs of Kuwait

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  1. the ambulance written backwards isn’t stupid, it’s a worldwide standard so that when you see it approaching you in your rearview mirror you can see it saying “ambulance” the correct way so you can give way to it

  2. oh wait nvm, just realized the thing is a gmc suv heh

  3. Perhaps a value added service that bank is providing its female customers! Lucky consumer!

    Wonder it these bank employees have additional perks?

  4. LOL … and to think that nobody bothered to correct the mistake.

    • thanks dear for dropping by to read my blog. The ‘gems’ in Kuwait public space abound with new ones created daily.

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