NBK Online and Firefox – not compatible?   Leave a comment

I normally use IE browser to access my NBK Online bank account (even though it asks so many questions, before showing up my account details).

Today I used Firefox (ver 3.5.6 – latest) and apparently NBK Online does not work on Firefox and it showed me the following errors. It is not compatible with some browsers, shouldn’t there be a notification or declaration? Secondly, Firefox is one of the most prominent browsers and NBK should correct this issue. Thirdly, if that is the case, it seems like NBK is adding to the monoploy of Microsoft.

1. This Connection is Untrusted.

(we trust the service of NBK; so that this “Untrust”?)

2. Legitimate banks, stores will not ask you to do this.

3.Cannot verify the certificate for unknown reasons.


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