Tiger Woods – a mint?   1 comment

Tiger Woods is no doubt the world richest golfer and probably the richest sportman ( I’m not sure) living today. Over the span of his career, he not only achieved enviable fame but also equally enviable wealth. He was considered the man to promote products that mean success in life. So he endorsed and promote many high lifestyles products. In the process, apart from him, the advertisers, the media, the ad agencies, the PR agencies, the goods manufacturers, etc. all made tons on money alongside him.

Now that he is caught in a scandal, which is more titilating than scandalous, all of the media – press, websites, feeders, paparazzi, reporter, etc. are having a good time collecting any small nuts and bits about his life that can add spice to the already hot news item of his affairs. He is now the most searched person on the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, AOL, Bing, etc. The media and paparazzi are trying to find some more skeletons (even a small bone is a treasure now) in his cupboard. Everybody has turned into a newsperson and is expecting to make a good amount by exposing about Tiger Woods. Sometimes the dead are more valuable than the living ones.

No doubt, it is said that, once you are celebrity, you automatically become a public property, and under the scanner of a million eyes. You probably loose your old privacy. All you life becomes social and the public turns you into a demi-GOD and expects you walk the line that the society has drawn and you not expected to deviate, however little whatsoever. Or else, its a field time again for the media to show the ‘other’ of you.

We all want to become famous, but wonder how many can handle such a situation when it arises.


One response to “Tiger Woods – a mint?

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  1. I hate being famous.. btw I’ve noticed ppl in kuwait love to become famous in any way for a phase in their lifes, i dunno whats so interesting in being famous!

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