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An increasing number of women are staying at home to receive the stork. In what is termed as do-it-yourself births, expecting mothers are delivering babies at home without medical help, according to a report. At times even without their husbands assistance.
According to recent figures by the National Center for Health Statistics, the number of unassisted home births in the US jumped by nearly 10% between 2004 and 2006, climbing from 7,607 unassisted births to 8,347 births. About 60% of the nearly 25,000 home births logged in 2006 were attended by midwives, a figure that experts expect will also rise. Unassisted as in no doctor or midwife present.
Ruth Wiley, an obstetrician and gynecologist at Texas Health Fort Worth, says shes seeing an increase in women choosing a do-it-yourself birth at home.
Jennifer Margulis of Ashland, Oregon, thinks birth should be a private party no doctors or midwives invited. So when her daughter Leone Francesca was born at home last month, only Margulis and her husband, James, were in attendance . My husband and I were the only ones there when she was conceived, MSNBC news portal quoted Jennifer as saying. I thought we should be the only ones there when she was born.
Margulis is part of a very small but growing number of women who are choosing to deliver their babies at home without the help of health professionals. Some choose to have a husband or family member help, while others opt to deliver of their babies completely on their own.
While do-it-yourself deliveries are still uncommon, many doctors and midwives consider them dangerous . Risks can range from hemorrhage in the mother to problems with the babys oxygen supply.


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