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Everyone has had a tune stuck in their head but have been unable to find the name of the song. Maybe it was on a commercial, in a TV show or just playing in a café – there is nothing more frustrating than loving a song and not being able to listen to it.

Musipedia is an online service (which self proclaims to be inspired by Wikipedia) that helps users find songs and compositions without knowing their names or words. It gives people a set of online tools to find the song by whistling, tapping, using piano keyboard or drawing notes.

find song without knowing name

For those who are musically minded, you can play out the tune using provided keyboard (comes in both Flash and Java versions) or drawing notes. The system will then compare the tune against its database to find your song. Don’t worry – it doesn’t have to be perfect; just recognizable.

find songs without name

Now me, I cant even read music let alone replicate it so I went for the easier option; whistling. Using a microphone (most laptops have them built in these days) you can whistle the tune for a few seconds so that Musipedia can recognize the song and give you the results. Just make sure your microphone is set up correctly and you’re not too close as this will distort the sound.

So go ahead and search for the song


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