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Journalism in Kuwait is pity shameful at time, especially the events (of all sorts – incidental, planned or others) reports.
Many a times the English language is also pathetic. What I have observed, is that they do a literal translation from the Arabic content, without any creative or grammatic touchup to the content.
Kuwait is a small country and not much of it happens here. Hence there is nothing of substance you can find in terms of local news (except for Internet calling and vice dens) in the Kuwait newspapers.
Have you seen the size of the newspapers? Well, they are never less than 50 pages. It seems newsprint is pretty cheap here, that’s why you find over a dozen of newspapers and over 2 dozens of advertising tabloids (of course Free of not only cost, but also free of content of substance – thats why they are 90% of the time found in garbage bins unopened).
Having tons of money, does not give you the liberty to  waste, but instead should give the consciousness to utilize resources judiciously.


Posted November 18, 2009 by Rajesh_Gandhi in action, faux pas, kuwait, lifestyle, money, press

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