Oasis of the Sea – a cruise worth experiencing   1 comment


Weight – 220,000 gross tons
Capacity – 5400 passengers (double occupancy)
Rooms – 2700 staterooms
Crew – 2000 crewmembers
Speed – 22 knot cruising speed
Decks – 16 passenger decks
Staff – Norwegian officers and international crew
Registry – Bahamas registry
Entering service: December 2009

The layout itself is unique. The ship will be divided into seven neighborhoods, each with its own distinct theme.

  • Youth Zone, for the tots;
  • Boardwalk, with its Coney Island vibe;
  • Royal Promenade, a bigger, bolder version of Royal Caribbean’s traditional indoor shopping mall; Entertainment Place, for the nighttime activities;
  • Vitality at Sea Spa and Fitness Center;
  • Pool and Sports Zone;
  • Central Park, an indoor/outdoor space with real grass and trees.
  • Dining-wise, there are over 20 options

One response to “Oasis of the Sea – a cruise worth experiencing

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  1. Goodness I wonder how many months it takes to walk thru the whole ship just once 😮

    Jokes apart it looks really grand!!!!!

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