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Social Submitter is an application that allows to automatically submit your prepared tagged article with a link to target resource to a large set of social bookmarking sites. The database contains about 250 bookmarking sites and we update it several times a week to ensure the highest quality of submission. The database update runs automatically on program startup, so you won’t need to do anything for it.

During submission the application will ask you to select the sites that are suitable for your project from the database, set thematic category your article belongs to and set up the article itself (add URL, contents, and tags). After that you can submit it to selected social bookmarking sites by just one click of the button.


  1. You save your time.
    It takes you one click of “Submit” button to send your article to about 200 social bookmarking sites.
  2. Your site will be indexed faster, literally within a couple of hours.
    Search system robots living at each of the social sites will immediately process your article
  3. You will get a link with high Page Rank.
    Your article will be displayed in the front page of bookmarking site. More important, if you have picked popular tags with high PR for your article, this same PR will be given to the article itself and to your profile at the social site. Check our Articles section to learn more about tagging.
  4. You will get an inflow of targeted traffic.
    Since you submit your article to a relevant category, the user interested in this topic will not only read the article but also visit your site searching for more information.
  5. You will boost the rating of your account at social bookmarking sites.
    Posting articles will increase the rating of your profiles at bookmarking sites. Besides that, automated submission of tagged articles using Social Submitter looks for the site administration exactly the same as manual submission through web browser, so your profile will not be banned for violation of site user agreement.


An excellent platform for circulating content across the internet, across the social netowrks. A very good tool to increase your viewership. Try it out and give my a feedback.


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