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Today China celebrates it National Day. Congratulations to all the Chinese, all over the world (well you can find one in almost every corner of the world).

The Mao-led 1949 communist takeover ended years of foreign domination and war, while three decades of economic reforms initiated by late leader Deng Xiaoping enriched China and propelled it back into the ranks of world powers.

It formally kicked off mass celebrations of 60 years of communist rule on Thursday with a 60-gun salute that rung out across Beijing’s

historic Tiananmen Square.

China will glorify the nation’s six-decade revival as a global power with a tightly choreographed display of mass patriotism including a military parade and spectacular pageant depicting the Communist Party-led rebirth.

The Chinese authorities want to send a clear message: that China has re-emerged as an undeniable force in the world. Well it can’t be denied, given the fact that most of the products (right from low grade toys to high end electronics) these days carry the tag “Made in China” and people have got uses to them. They have proliferated in almost every sphere of daily life and one does use a “Made in China” product in his daily life.

The world cannot do without it and it’s image stand as solid as the famous Grand China wall.


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