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A property tycoon, Ben Benson, is giving away 1 million of his personal fortune to 10 readers of his first book, The New Rules of Wealth.
Benson, who has amassed a 60 million property portfolio, will give the readers £100,000 in cash each in the first giveaway of its kind, reported the Daily Telegraph on Monday . Benson, 34, who splits his time between luxury homes in London and Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, said: Ten people are going to get that money, irrespective of how many copies of the book we sell. My motivation with the book is not to make money. If it was, Id be using that 1million to start another company or buy a load of properties. The thing I really get excited about is helping people achieve what they want to achieve.
We will sell a lot of copies of this book, but I dont necessarily count things in terms of pounds and pence anymore. I wanted to do something different. This has never been done before.
Benson spoke to 200 entrepreneurs for his book. The New Rules of Wealth, which took him seven months to write, explodes what he believes are the myths surrounding wealth and provides rules for successful money-making .
Each copy of the book, which has not yet been printed, has a unique number. Benson will announce one number online every two months and the lucky owner of the corresponding book will get £100,000.

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