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A British survey has revealed the widespread myths about contraception . One in five women said they had heard of kitchen items, including bread, cling film and even chicken skin, being used as alternative barrier methods. Others had heard food items such as kebabs, Coca-cola or crisps could be used as oral contraceptives.
Contraceptive myths have been around for thousands of years. Ancient methods have varied from crocodile dung and honey before sex, to sea sponges and beeswax after. But the most intoxicating was alcohol made from stewed beavers testicles.
However, it seems that a variety of unsafe and unproven methods might still exist in modern Britain. Dr Annie Evans, Womens Health Specialist at the Bristol Sexual Health Centre, told BBC: It is not surprising, given that Britain continues to have the highest unintended pregnancy rate in Europe.
Other myths surround the use of oral contraceptive pills. One in 10 of the women questioned believed that it always takes a number of years to regain fertility after discontinuation of the pill. Others believed that the pill could protect them against HIV.


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