Formula Zero is here, forget Formula 1 racing   1 comment

Formula Zero is a first-ofits-kind hydrogen fuel cell racing series that launched its official racing history in collaboration with university design teams to build and race hydrogen-fueled , zero emission cars.

Top university teams from the Netherlands, UK, Belgium, and Spain competed with custom designed vehicles powered by hydrogen fuel cells at Surrey, England last month, at the Formula Zero 2009 Championship.

The Formula Zero championship stays true to its zero emissions claim. All the needed hydrogen is produced from renewable energy sources like solar, wind and biomass. A click and go high pressure cartridge allows for safe and easy refuelling at the pitstop. The hydrogen is converted into electricity in the kart, which can currently travel at a top speed of 70 kmph.
Each championship has a sprint race, where teams compete to see how fast their cars can go, and an endurance race, where teams are tested to see how reliable and efficient each car is. Teams are awarded points, which are tallied up at the end of the race to see who is in the lead. The Belgian team from Groep Leuven Engineering School is currently in first place, with EuplaTech, Spain in second, and Imperial College of London students are currently placed third.

The final phase of Formula Zero, the full-scale Circuit Edition , is scheduled for 2015, and will feature professional race cars comparable in every way to present-day Formula one racing, except that the vehicles will emit water vapour instead of carbon dioxide, with all energy used supplied by renewable resources.

So rejoice that soon cars will emit only water vapor instead of those obnoxious carbon monoxide and other harmful gases.


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