Do you wanna know your time of death?   1 comment

A new website claims to give the odds on you dying next year, or for whatever period you select, based on a few simple questions.
The site,, is the brainchild of researchers and students at Carnegie Mellon University. It provides answers based on publicly available data from the US and Europe, comparing mortality risks by gender, age, cause of death and geographic region. Put your information in, and it produces the probable causes of your demise and provides insight on the timing of that unfortunate event.
The site can compare such things as the odds of death next year by breast cancer for, say, a 54-year-old Pennsylvania woman or her counterpart in the UK.
Of course the results produced by the web site speak to groups of people and cannot predict with accuracy when you might actually die. The timing of your own end is based on many uncharted factors, from heredity to lifestyle to untimely accidents.

Well, you can freak out by putting your data in, but don’t take it seriously. Live till the last moment of your life and don’t grudge in the knowledge of impending death. Give and do your best.

And yes, don’t let your insurance company know of this.


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One response to “Do you wanna know your time of death?

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  1. Let me check it & and study well, maybe i can make a fortune for my daughter 🙂

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