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What are the essential items that a soldier needs to carry on his body while on the ground? How much can it weigh? Well, its 75 kg, almost equal to his body weight or even more.

Ground troops carry an array of electronic kit including torches, radios and countermeasures equipment for jamming enemy radio signals.

The typical pack weight carried by an infantry soldier on a six-hour patrol is around 75 kg, with batteries making up about 10 kg of this load.

So a team of scientists and engineers, at Leeds, are on the job to reduce over 10 kg of this battery weight, by turning the physical activities of the soldiers into usable energy, which can power his equipments.

Activities like marching, walking, moving his arms, sweating, etc. are being tapped to be converted into energy.

Like this there are many activities that are done as a routine, but can be tapped into usable energy, which otherwise goes waste.


  1. Walking
  2. Running
  3. Braking your vehicle

Can you add to the list, so that we can forward it to the team to look into tapping this energy also, for a better greener future?


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