Atomic Bomb celebrations   3 comments

How the American President, Harry Truman, celebrated the dropping the Atomic Bomb

atomic bomb celebrations


3 responses to “Atomic Bomb celebrations

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  1. this is disgusting celebrating the death of all those thousands of people. What if the situation had been reversed and it had been americans that had died they wouldn’t be celebrating then. It’s SICK !!!!!

  2. You’re a pussy! How many Americans died from us dropping the A-bomb- ZERO. They attacked us, they made a huge mistake, we warned them of their actions and suggested surrender, they refused, they rightfully paid the price! Dropping that bomb saved hundreds of thousands of lives on both sides by ending a war that would have continued for many years without that action. This was THE GREATEST DECISION ever in the history of the US presidency and if similar actions were taken in the current era we would not have the scum infestation problem manifesting itself in the Middle East. Truman was a true American hero!!!!!!

    • It was a cowardly decision. The Americans knew that japan were preparing to surrender and dropped the bombs just so they cold see the effect on the people rather than to cause the japanese to surrender. That was one of the most cowardly choices in the history of America.

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