Higher Education should be made free   5 comments

Higher education is fundamental right for a decent livelihood.

The governments worldover should think of subsidising higher education in the form a loan (in the case of a private institution, the govt can stand as a guarantor), which is to be paid on a monthly basis, once the person starts earning.

This way no deserving candidate will be inhibited by lack of funds to pursue higher education.

The national travel document should be endorsed with such loans, as a measure of control, so that the funds invested are returned back for the benefit of the education of the others.

This the person gets educated feels indebted, for his better living’ and will be automatically encouraged to contribute towards the future education of others.

What do you folks say? Has no economist ever thought of this?


5 responses to “Higher Education should be made free

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  1. In Great Britain a college education – certainly 20 years ago – was in essence free and today is still financed in large part by government grants. The amount of the education grant provided in Scotland was and is now determined by the income of the student’s parents. British universities however do not engage in the practice of issuing excessive salaries to university -level sports coaches which clearly is the case here. I am not quite clear how the sports-academia connection works administratively. If a portion of students’ fees have to go towards that (and surely they do) then this is a battle that perhaps cannot be won. College level sports play a huge role in this country’s identity and culture.

  2. Yes, I agree with you. I don’t know. But I think Higher education should be free.

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  3. yes, i agree with you. Government guarantees as to the educated classes can stand because the government gives loans to groups to educate and if necessary they can lend.

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  4. i agree with you. Higher Education should be made to be free. I would remove the country illiteracy.

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  5. Dear I do agree with you.
    Study Loan is beneficial for all student. And economical lower student can continue them higher education.

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