Vegetarian Muslim?   2 comments

Can it be a fact or is fiction? Maybe its just a contradicting phrase.

Well the Prophet Mohammed advocate the sacrificial kill of animals. So are there any Muslims across the world that advocate “Vegeterianism“?

If you know or come across some, do send them this blogpost link to let them put their comments here.


Posted April 8, 2009 by Rajesh_Gandhi in food, freedom, health, kuwait, lifestyle, muslim, religion

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2 responses to “Vegetarian Muslim?

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  1. Well i am a muslim and i am a vegeterian

    and though GOD as allowed us to kill animals to feed on them… which is NOT exclusive to muslims per say… i do not find it in my heart to feed on something that was once alive… and this is my own opinion

    So really what is ur point?!!??!

  2. good to come across at least 1 Muslim veg.

    I wonder, if there any any more Muslim veggies on this earth.

    If yes, please let me know why you choose the veggy life?

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