NBK Faux Pas   3 comments

I won’t say anything on the below screenshot from the website of the “Best Bank in the Middle East”, as claimed by NBK. I leave it to your intellect.


Did anybody say “Always spell check your documents before going public, to avoid embarassment”?

Update 1

Many asked me how I landed on this page. Well, for that you have to forget your password and then type in your new password. Once you have done that, this screen will come.

Link – https://online.nbk.com.kw/WOLWebUI/epin/SecurityQuestion.aspx


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3 responses to “NBK Faux Pas

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  1. Thant’s so funny… where did u click to reach that page?

  2. yeah how did you get to that page, i just tried to find it an i couldn’t .

  3. I also failed to find Forgot password in English section 🙂

    But hey man, as I know companies, and especially banks have 3-4 copies of each system:

    1- Development: You hack and crack all you need here
    2- Testing: Test your apps here, usually close or same to production
    3- Certification: Before anything goes life, you certify it here. It’s what the real world will be like.
    4- Production: Only touched with pre-scheduled 48-hours before activities, kept to minimal, done in low-peak times.

    If you look at how frequent the online Credit card systems are not working at NBK, you call them to hear it’s under going UPGRADE. How many upgrades per year do you do? Also, why is it we can’t get one balance amount for the credit card. Their billing is so confusing.

    Then take the variation between English & Arabic interface, the inconsistency, also the huge problems with the new card.

    This tells you, there is a complete failure in management from the top-bottom. No planning’s being made, and definitely its going the way of test it in production.

    I moved to NBK initially coz they took initiative in their online banking, but it seems banks that got off the shelf solutions have surpassed them easily by miles.

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