Kuwait to take part in Earth Hour – Mar 28, 20:30 hrs   Leave a comment

Finally there is some initiative from the people in Kuwait towards active participation in saving the environment.

Pledging solidarity with the international campaign to combat global warming, Kuwait will observe a ‘black-out’ on March 28 to take part in the ‘Earth Hour’; a global campaign designed to help combat global warming. That hour the power supply will be temporarily cut off to the Kuwait Towers, the Liberation Tower and 26 major shopping malls across the country for an hour, starting 8:30 pm.

Well, we all as residents of Kuwait need to do our bit, by doing our efforts towards making it a success. Let us then see how much energy we saved in that “one earth hour”.

Three Cheers for the movement.

Well something that comes to my mind is the thoughtless in having the full office tower flooded with lights from the wee hours of the evening and throughout the night, even when there is no or skeletal staff in the premises. Wonder, what logic applies here.

I prefer not to take names, but a night tour of the city will certainly reveal all those ‘culprits’ (pardon my language, but they are contribtuting to the global warming and it is affecting me and many others).

Maybe Tarsheed should do a survey.


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