The World’s Healthiest Foods   1 comment

These are the top healthiest foods in terms of improving your health. The details for each are in the respective links.

Criteria for The World’s Healthiest Foods

Vegetables Fruits Poultry & Lean Meats
Asparagus Apples Beef, lean organic
Avocados Apricots Calf’s liver
Beets Bananas Chicken
Bell peppers Blueberries Lamb
Broccoli Cantaloupe Turkey
Brussels sprouts Cranberries Venison
Cabbage Figs
Carrots Grapefruit Nuts & Seeds
Cauliflower Grapes
Celery Kiwifruit Almonds
Collard greens Lemon/Limes Cashews
Cucumbers Oranges Flaxseeds
Eggplant Papaya Olive oil, extra virgin
Fennel Pears Peanuts
Garlic Pineapple Pumpkin seeds
Green beans Plums Sesame seeds
Green peas Prunes Sunflower seeds
Kale Raisins Walnuts
Leeks Raspberries
Mushrooms, crimini Strawberries Grains
Mushrooms, shiitake Watermelon
Mustard greens Barley
Olives Low-Fat Dairy Brown rice
Onions Buckwheat
Potatoes Cheese, low-fat Corn
Romaine lettuce Eggs Millet
Sea vegetables Milk, 2%, cow’s Oats
Spinach Milk, goat Quinoa
Squash, summer Yogurt Rye
Squash, winter Spelt
Sweet potatoes Beans & Legumes Whole wheat
Swiss chard
Tomatoes Black beans Spices & Herbs
Turnip greens Dried peas
Yams Garbanzo beans (chickpeas) Basil
Kidney beans Black pepper
Seafood Lentils Cayenne pepper
Lima beans Chili pepper, dried
Cod Miso Cilantro/Coriander seeds
Halibut Navy beans Cinnamon, ground
Salmon Pinto beans Cloves
Scallops Soybeans Cumin seeds
Shrimp Tempeh Dill
Tuna Tofu Ginger
Mustard seeds
Natural Sweeteners Other Oregano
Blackstrap molasses Green tea Peppermint
Cane juice Soy sauce (tamari) Rosemary
Honey Water Sage
Maple syrup Thyme

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