Free, Free, Free Hugs   4 comments

Free Hugs to one and all.

No discrimination of any sort. Willing to give free hugs to make you feel happy and make your day a pleasant one. If you live the concept, you can distribute free hugs to one and all, willing to accept a warm friendly hug. So hug someone today and make him happy for when you hug him, he will forget his worries (atleast for some time). BEWARE, this is highly INFECTIOUS and can have serious consequences (making the world smile).

So go ahead and start hugging (all those willing to accept them).



Posted January 22, 2009 by Rajesh_Gandhi in happiness, life

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4 responses to “Free, Free, Free Hugs

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  1. *HUGZ* in the snow 2 U, Sweet Blogger, 4 BN so Nice! !:]]

  2. perfect admin.

  3. Thanks your post…..

  4. biz herkese teşekür ederiz bu bilgiler için.

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