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Paper is a commodity that people do not care much about. It is available cheap and in abundance. But much of the green cover goes into making new paper.

All offices generate lot of paper trash.

Old newspapers are a trash.

Leaflets, handouts, fliers, etc. all final end us as trash.

Bills after a couple of days end us as trash.

Bus, train, cinema tickets end us as trash.

Hardly anybody ever thinks of recycling it.

The paper recycle process should start from the schools, wherein the schools provide a collection bin for the paper waste and then it is used by the paper industry to recycle.

Offices and office localities are also prime areas for paper waste collection.

Community centres are also good places for waste collection for recycling.

Lets do our bit to save our dear planet, EARTH.

Items that can be recycled:

Cell Phones
Medical Supplies
Ink/Toner Cartridges
Computers/Electronic Media
Batteries/Mercury Bulbs
Mixed Items



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