Israel hammers Hamas in Gaza strip   Leave a comment

Israel launced “Operation Cast Lead” which has killed 225 and also left some 700 wounded.

In the mid-morning attacks some 60 aircraft struck about 50 targets over the span of just a few minutes and left the massacre.

Not be left behind, Hamas retaliated by firing several dozen rockets into the Jewish state, killing one Israeli.

Hamas threatened to unleash “hell” to avenge the dead, including possible suicide bombings inside Israel. “Palestine has never witnessed an uglier massacre,” said Ismail Haniya, leader of Hamas’ government in the Gaza Strip.

The US has such powerful control over Israel and has (now with Obama under control very soon) to contained them in such assaults. Also the UN needs to mediate in this long drawn conflict and bring out a lasting conciliatory agreement between both parties, if it needs other world powers to convince both of them. This is need for the peaceful life that is right of all citizens and help them progress in life.

Listen UN, G7 and all the world powers, help stop them fight each, for the sake of humanity.

(All photos are gruesome and hence not published)


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