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Energy can be tapped from the waves

One of the big advantages of the wave device is that the turbines that would be used to generate electricity are a proven technology and have been in use for years in hydroelectric installations in hilly areas where water can be held in reservoirs.

‘Searaser’, is designed to pump water hundreds of feet above sea level from where it can gush downhill to drive hydroelectric generators.

Pumping is made possible by the motion of waves lifting the device, as it floats in the sea, and gravity bringing  it down again in the wave troughs.

The wave pump consists of two floats, one above the other, fitted to a double-acting piston. Water is pumped as the floats are forced together and apart by the motion of the waves. Chains and weights fix the device to the sea floor and the pump is able to operate in water as shallow as 30ft as well as in extreme weather conditions.

If we can get this to Kuwait, life can be much easier.

Check out for more details.


Posted November 18, 2008 by Rajesh_Gandhi in environment, news

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